Emily Lincke

I aim to be a voice for those without one, and to serve with integrity as a member of the media. A University of Houston graduate with a degree in print journalism. 

Published Work

Meyerland resident cherishes keepsake received from Lyndon B. Johnson in 1959

Geophagy means to consume earthly substances, and is usually practiced as a cultural tradition or to remedy mineral deficiency, according to Merriam-Webster.com. A word many have never heard of, 73-year-old former Lubbock resident David Nelson - a resident of Meyerland for the last 30 years - recites the spelling and definition effortlessly. In 1959, Nelson competed in the National Spelling Bee as an eighth-grader and placed 12th out of 70 after misspelling geophagy.

Police find no evidence linking reports of attempted abductions in Katy to sex trade

Police find no evidence linking reports of attempted abductions in Katy to sex trade While I-10 from El Paso to Houston is reportedly the most used trafficking path in the U.S. and this type of crime is a growing problem in Houston, rumors have spread online about sex trafficking reports in the city of Katy. In August, the Katy Police Department investigated a report from a woman who said on Facebook that men attempted to abduct her from Katy Mills Mall as part of a sex trade scheme.

Katy churches celebrate 500 years of religious history

Five centuries ago, on Oct. 31, long before the day became Halloween, a monk in a small German town made history by challenging teachings of the Catholic Church. Martin Luther, a Catholic monk and professor, according to the BBC website, nailed 95 letters on a church door in Wittenberg criticizing Catholic practices such as selling indulgences. Luther's actions almost cost him his life, but they were the first steps in a religious movement that forever altered Christianity.

Charity hosts footwear fashion show

Parading down a runway in six-inch heels seems like an endeavor for professional models, but at the Dec. 3 Stilettos and Champagne event, Houston CEO's and other female entrepreneurs took on the challenge in the name of charity. Hosted by This Woman's Work, a local 501c(3) charitable organization, the second annual event was held at the Ensemble Theater in Houston. More than 125 people were expected to attend, according to This Woman's Work Founder Carla Lane.

Tips for mattress-buying from a sleep specialist

For the thousands of people whose houses and belongings were damaged by floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey, mattresses are just one more necessary expense. In Harris County, about 122,000 homes were damaged during the storm, causing $97.72 million in property damage, according to estimates. Some people used innovative methods to protect their belongings from flood damage, but for others the losses were unavoidable.